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Bingo Night (Nov. 17th) Prize Donations

Bingo Night (November 17th) is just around the corner and we need your help! The PTO is collecting prize donations for Bingo night. We will have bins available for drop off until the morning of November 8th.

You can drop-off your prize donations in the provided baskets before or after school. The donation baskets are located inside the main doors next to the front office. A list of suggested donations is below.

Suggested Donations

Pre-K and Kindergarten

Sensory Items for young kids:

Slime, squishy balls, fidget spinners, poppers, candy and squishmallow stuffied animals

1st Grade

Spa Items:

Bubble bath, bath toys, bath bombs, nail polish, kid-friendly makeup kits, hair accessories and candles.

2nd Grade

Craft Items:

Coloring Books, Puzzles, Boxes of Crayons, Colored Pencils, Markers, Paint-by-number kits, Paints, Clay, Sketch Pads.

3rd Grade

Game Items:

Board Games (Gently used ok), playing cards, dominos, puzzles.

4th Grade

Outdoor Play Items:

Wiffle Balls and Bats, Sidewalk Chalk, Footballs, Soccer Balls, and Bubbles.

5th Grade

Reading Items:

Books, Comic Books, Magazines, Graphic Novels, and Reading Lights.

6th Grade

Movie Entertainment Items:

Popcorn, Popcorn Bowl, DVDs Rated PG or Below, Candy, Redbox Gift Cards, and Blanket.

Baskets in front of school office.

Donation Baskets

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